Am I suppose to be texting him..or waiting for a response! HELP!

So I met this guy and we were talking. He asked me if I was going to this social on the weekend and I told him that I wasn't sure because he asked only a few days before it started. He told me to tell him if I was going then totally stopped talking to me..No contact from him what so ever from him after that. The weekend came around and I ended up not going because I was actually busy! Am I suppose to be saying something to him because I feel like he's blowing me off because I didn't go to the social! I don't have time for guys playing games so this is annoying!


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  • It all depends who was the last one to text who? Were you the last one to text him back? You can always just send a random text apologzing for missing the social because you was busy and that maybe you and him can hang out another time just to see if he responds back or not. Maybe he could had gotten mad if you didn't confirm you and him going to the social together. If he is blowing you off he probably could be mad about that. If he doesn't respond back to a follow up text then just forget about him. He might random text you again.

    • Well it was me that was texting last... He didn't say anything after that so I wasn't sure what to respond to because I didn't say that I was going to the social or not. It's been almost 2 weeks now and there has been zero contact from him. I was thinking that he was going to text me around the weekend when the social was to see if I was still going but nothing. Should I just drop him?

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    • So he was intereted in the begining and he wanted to go out with you? Yeah maybe he did get defensive or felt like you was blowing him off. You are very right. I don't like last monutes plans either especially if you have to fit it in your schedule. Well if he does randomly text you/ you can either ignore it or respond back if you want to. I think it depends on your mood and if you feel like responding back.Im pretty sure you will find somebody else.You seem like a very nice girl.

    • Thank you for selecting my answer as the most helpful.

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