Girls, top 3 things you wish guys new about your texts?

For example that if your texts are short you don't want to talk or winky faces mean flirting or something like that?


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  • When I'm using winky faces, I'm either playing around or being flirty. If a guy and I are have an ongoing conversation, but out of nowhere he doesn't text back until the next day then you've put your chance in danger and I won't text you till you text back unless you have a reason (and I mean don't respond back from mid-afternoon till towards the night of the next day). If you say you fell asleep after being busy, that's cool I understand but if this happen all the time and pretty much back to back and there is no reason at all or you use the same reason repeatedly, you screwed yourself over. If I don't want to talk, I'll send one word responses or not respond at all but that's only if you're an ex or some jerk who I don't like other than that I always want to text. If I'm telling a guy I'm laying down (at night) that means I want to have an intimate conversation if possible. If I text first, that means I really like you can't stop thinking about you and really want to talk from dawn to dusk if possible lolz. If I say I would rather text than talk on the phone, that means I don't mind you calling at all if you want to and that it would make me really happy to talk on the phone...but that's only if I really like you (super shy here).


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  • I wish my friends (and 'guy' in the past) knew that short answers like 'yeah' or 'ok' usually meant that I was upset.. Even when I said I was fine.. I wish he showed me he cared enough to be a tad on the paranoid side, made absolutely certain I was okay, because most of the time, if I don't want a person to know I am upset, I will put out the complete happy act, not just most of it. If I give short answers it means I'm upset. Even when I'm busy, I take the time to say "srry ttyl too busy now" as long as I'm still typing away, it means I need/want attention. I wish he had checked up on me more often, really made effort to keep conversation alive, and asked deep questions to try and pull out my true self. I just wanted to know I could trust him, wanted to know for sure that he really did want to know me, and wasn't just making random conversation to pass the time.

    Keep in mind, I am the sensitive/shy/self conscious type. I need constant reassurance (In simple ways, like deep conversation/quality time etc.) that I am important to my loved one. I can feel insecure with little provocation and need a steady supply of love and affection.

    If you think a girl really loves you, don't ever play hard to get. It's okay to not jump right out and say you love her, but don't ever neglect her or make her feel like she's unimportant. That's never okay. If you wouldn't do it to a close friend, don't do it to your girl friend ^_^

  • 1. I wish guys would understand that when I send a one word text, I wish they would pick up on the hint that I'm mad without me having to be so straight forward about it.
    2.I wish guys would know when I flirt, I don't really do it just for fun, It means I'm actually interested in the guy. Like using winky faces or being super sarcastic
    3. I wish guys would know when I don't text them back, it's mainly because I'm mad and wish they would understand to leave me alone at that point.

    • 2) ... That's why texts are so shit. We can never tell if you're being flirty or friendly with winky emoticons.

    • Yeah, texting is difficult because it varies depending on the person

  • 1- I dislike random, goalless texting. It does not mean however, that I dislike you.

    2- I take similes as facial expressions. So don't mess with me and send me kissy faces, then call me your friend.

    3- The shorter the text I sent is, more interested I am in meeting up with you.

    • I never understood that about girls... how a short answer signifies you wanting to meet or being excited?

    • Well if a guys sends me a text and I answer with "yeah, that'd be fun to talk about", or "maybe", or "haha, you're right", I am actually waiting for his next text to be wanna meet up

  • 1. if you don't text me back within 10 minutes I feel like you hate me.

    2. if I get my feelings hurt while texting you I will use more then one "lol" to mask how I feel.

    3. if I like you then you will get :) if I don't then the texts are brief and responded too slower.

  • If I message and it's short, most likely I'm doing it because he is and I'm frustrated.
    ._. This face generally means "are you kidding me" in a slightly playful demeanor
    Not replying doesn't mean "message me again"

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  • Those are some VERY passive-aggressive answers!

    "I want him to ask, but I won't answer, so he should ask again!" Wow!

    • Agreed o_o

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    • A lot of this depends on age. Younger immature people tend to play these stupid games. Now in my mid 20s if girls start doing this I just move on. It's not worth my time to play a stupid game with a girl who won't just be honest with me. Confidence is sexy, and these games are just a turn off.

    • Believe guys, women will play games with men as long as they live but the more mature the woman the better and more undetectable the give up on the idea of not being toyed with..SORRY

  • Tip for girls:

    I know you guys are extremely cryptic and for some retarded ass reason don't like letting a guy know that you like him, so if you do like him, instead of running him around in circles trying to figure out what's wrong with you, just tell him "I just wanna spend some time with you". along with some smile faces and exclamation points, like so: "I just wanna spend some time with you! :)" This is the most covert, yet direct way of letting a guy know that you're interested in him.


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