Too bad you missed that a date invitation?

sort of had a fling with a guy we had some issues and stopped talking as much..i was the one who threw in the towel. we used to go on a lot of dates. one of our traditions was when he was at work near me we would go out together for lunch and drinks.

yesterday he was near that area and he texted me that he is there (but I wasn't around that area yesterday)and I told him I wasn't around and he said it's my loss because now I "missed my chance to see him and go for lunch and drinks with him"

does that mean he wants to take me out again or is he just being a jerk?

why is he even bothering to text me?


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  • Sounds like being a jerk. That's the response a guy usually says when he's been rejected, lol. Not when a girl just so happens to be in the wrong place at a time when he's available. It's not any more your loss than it is his.

    • ok, but was he texting me he was there because he wanted to see if I was? he also asked if I miss him..ugh.

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  • Don't bother speaking to him again. He definitely acting as a jerk like that.

  • Well it doesn't sound like either, just showing that he wanted to take you out that time, possibly trying to set up another time.


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