Should I just tell him my problems with our relationship?

Been dating three months now and a couple things really bug me:

1. He's VERY unreliable and sucks at making plans, and he SUCKS at texting. In person he's great but when texting and making plans with me he's all weird and he sucks at it, which makes me feel that he doesn't want to be with me

2. His ex and him talk. He only dated her for three weeks, but it freaks me out.

Should I confront him about this?


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  • Those are YOUR problems, not his. Your insecurities.

    How about you try and fix them, instead of blaming him for them?

    • because theyre my problem becasuse he's the unreliable one..

    • Talking to his ex, isn't unreliable.

      Do you even know what you mean?

    • I don't mind so much about the ex. I mean I'm annoyed because he never makes plans (or doesn't often) and he really sucks at texting like sometimes he'll take two hours to reply, or he won't reply at all. And he's the total opposite in person he's supportive and sweet and lovely and tells me how much he likes me/loves me.. but he literally just SUCKS at making plans and texting. his friends even comment on it too. and I want a more reliable him. :/

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  • Yeah you should tell him! You think it's better to be silent and let resentment build up until you explode in anger at him, storming out of his life while he's left clueless on what the hell he did wrong?

  • yes tell him your problems in the relationship


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  • 1. He doesn't seem to be a good text-er. Texting is not his thing... Call him instead?

    2. What are they normally conversating about? If nothing too major... - Other than that, I think you're just blowing it out of proportion.

    - If you tell him those problems. What are the solutions to it?

    Him texting you more often?

    Cutting off contact with his ex?

    What can he do to make you happy then? Think about it. Or is it just you making it out to be a problem.

    • For him to be there for me more, and see me more and for me to hear from him more. I never hear from him and I want to have plan wth him more often because he sucks at plan making and texting.

    • Call him to make plans.

  • Well don't say it so harshly, but yeah, keeping it all inside is only going to hurt the relationship more in the long run.

    Neither really sound like something he's doing WRONG though, so you might want to keep that in mind, and just emphasize that they bother you and you'd like his thoughts so maybe you can feel less bothered or find a solution...