Really Late Responses = no interest?

So I text this girl and she responds really late, sometimes even up to 5 hours! She texts me long messages and keeps the conversation going however. Also sometimes she won't text me back if it's toward night time and I'd have to initiate a new conversation one or two days later.

IF you weren't interested in someone why would you try to keep the conversation going?

IF you were interested in someone why would you make them wait so long and reply sometimes?


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  • Late responses can mean so many things:

    #1. Playing hard to get

    #2. Doesn't want to appear needy/desperate

    #3. She's ACTUALLY busy

    #4. She's not interested

    #5. She's slack

    See? So many reasons why :)

    If I wasn't interested and kept up conversation: probably trying to appear friendly.

    If I was interested would I make them wait long: Tough one. I'd probably respond quickly at first, then punish myself for appearing needy and I'll back off a bit (but I'd be dying to text back) haha

    Girls are weird creatures, get used to it :P


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  • Late responses aren't a sign of anything. She could be just a busy person, or thinks that she'd come off too needy if she texts right away, or she even might need time to gather her thoughts and wright you a decent answer. But yeah she might also not be interested.

    Try to focus on her behaviors while you two are together rather than some texts. It will tell you a lot more about her potential feelings towards you.

  • If she sends long texts, then she's busy when you text her. Girl has work, family, etc.

    If it's towward night time and she doesn't reply, she either falls asleep, or doesn't want to end the conversation, so she saves it for next day. But you said she never replies, so I don't know.

    Maybe this is her saying I'm not interested. Or her saying I'm busy but I like texting you. It's up to you to determine that based on what she says in texts.

  • I personally hate texting, and even if it's my best friends I usually won't respond until late, even if the conversation is engaging. I would just brush it off, some people prefer to talk face to face, and she's probably very busy too.


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  • some people are just like that. I wish I could know why some people just randomly stop texting but in reality they could be busy and not get back to a text

  • I think she maybe interested yet busy with life in general, but sounds like you may be second best in her eyes

  • well if your always starting the conversation it seems like she's not interserted


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