Guy is interested in girl at college goes and talks to her. What should this guy do next?

Short story question, in bullet points for easy reading :)

- Guy is interested in girl at college goes and talks to her

- Girl & Guy are friends hang out regularly for two months

- Girl actions leads Guy to think Girl is interested in him

- Guy responds accordingly when they are hanging out

- After hang out Girl stops talking to Guy then says few days later she just wants to be friends

- Guy (a bit emotionally crushed) says OK and continues to act friendly

- Girl ignores guy for X months, acts very cold when she does respond, ignores guy even they see each other face to face and he says Hi

- X months alter Girl suddenly contacts guy seeming interested

-Guys next step is (__Fill in the blank__)

Ooh yeah big twist: dun dun dun, the Guy is me.

Thanks for reading!


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  • She just misses the attention, that is why she contacted you.

    • Thx for responding, so would that mean I should still play Mr nice or just ignore?

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    • *herself

    • i agree with misty on the part of "She just misses the attention" but you should totally ignore hard and act cold around her and if she asks why tell her what you wrote in the question that she played you or whatever hurt you

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  • ignore her back for X months hahaha

  • Bury her so they'll never find the body.

    If that doesn't work, completely ignore her because she is just a bitch that seeks attention and evidently likes to f*** with the emotions of others. Or to put it another way, she's a bad human being.

  • Kick her in the head

    • Lol thanks but I don't think so.

  • stick to being friends or find a girl who will suck you or that you will find unattractive.

  • Drop her.

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