How would you react to this drunk text?

Well, I went out last night and out of nothing I wrote my crush this text:

,You know what? It really sucks that I'm out with my girls but still have to think about you. I know you don't care, whatever.''

i'm such a fool, he hasn't responded anything, so I wrote him this morning ''You know that you don't have to take my last message serious, right? enjoy your holidays^^ ''

Now I have no idea what's going on on his mind, did I screw up?:/


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, you screwed up.

    Your first text put you into the "crazy bitch" zone. The second text made you a permanent resident.

    • I'll explain: Firstly, when you're telling someone that you're thinking about them, that's cool. It's a sweet thing to say. But you followed it up by telling him that he doesn't care. That instantly turned the potentially sweet text into something accusatory and confrontational. Don't ever do that again.

      And then, In the second text you take it all back. That's like saying "Hello, I'm an emotional train wreck." It's just not at ALL attractive to do these things.

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What Guys Said 1

  • i'd ignore that text.

    Only time will tell what he thinks.


What Girls Said 2

  • Dont stress, he doesn't like your texts then whatever, don't send anymore texts if he doesn't reply then its his loss.

  • Whyyyy on earth did you send the other text? :s

    Don't text him anything anymore, let him text you first.

    • cause I'm not sure if he's into me or if he only sees me as a friend :/

    • Okay sweetie, well just leave it there, don't text him anymore, he'll make the next move if he's interested.

      Good luck. :)