Weird or funny 1st date plan?

hi guys!

I've met a really sweet guy on line...we've been chatting for the last week or so and time has come to finally go out for a date!

he seems very nice, funny, well traveled...

we're going to see a movie :D and bcs it's ice age 4...he said, jockingly-i was hoping, that he should bring his niece...

now I'm a nanny and I'm really good with children...but what the heck!?! :))

i think this is funny and if things work out between us I will forever tease him that he is scared to come on dates without bringing his niece on his date :)))


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  • not a date, sorry

    but could be a fun relationship someday

    give him another chance or wait for a real date next time

  • Well maybe that's his approach to show you how good he is with children, how thoughtful he is to take her out, that sort of stuff.


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