Girl is great but there is just way too much baggage for me to handle

just asking for a second opinion on this one , I'am I right in deciding there is just too much baggage for me to handle here

girl is 25 , doesn't have a job , still lives with mother and has 2 kids and an ex husband . she is going to college this fall for something and did have a job running a small day care .

she's a nice girl and really good looking , definity above average looks . but there is too much baggage , she broken up with boyfriend last year and she had the first kid when she was only in high school . the whole thing is more than I could handle


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  • Well I think you've already made up your mind. If it's too much to handle for you, it's only fair for both of you to not get involved. However, don't judge her so harshly. It only understandable that she lives with her mom so mom could help out with the kids. And there's nothing wrong with partying as long as the children are taken care of... but if it's too much for you, there's plenty of fish in the sea, and with her good looks she'll easily find someone else too.


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  • If you really don't want to get yourself mixed up in her then break the relationship now. I think you should give her a chance and go slow with her. I know it's scary to be dating someone with a kid when you're under 30 but it sounds like she's on the right track to having a better life. Also, don't judge her too harshly for living with her mom. Nowadays it's really not an uncommon situation for people in their 20s, even those who have children.=

    • were not dating , I've seen her around town and at bars some nights , we live in the same small town but I didn't know her at all until a year or so ago . I'm not really sure where she is headed , she's acting like a 19 year old , often out partying and now going off to college , not acting like a 25 year old mommy which I guess would be pretty boring

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    • You have to keep in mind that although she is 25 with two kids, she had to put all partying to the side when she had her first child. If she's taking care of them and being a good mom what does it matter if she goes out and parties some nights? Moms need a have a life too. If you're not dating then what are worried about? I'm lost there.

    • well I was interested in her but find the whole situation a little bit much and somewhat frustrating . I wouldn't say her level of partying is a conern , I've never seen her super drunk and she's not using any drugs . I just found it odd to see her out , usually the girls with kids stay home and take care of them . nothing wrong with a young mom having a bit of a wild side , that's even a bit hot

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  • women like this are just perfect - for one night bang. everything else is out of the question.

    with her past decisions she clearly showed you she's not the best decision maker and even slightly rational. so you're def making the right decision to leave her.

    she would only cause you problems, man. nothing else. not worth it. find a new one.

    • yeah that's what I was thinking , the sex on a Saturday night would be great as look is we didn't keep her mom up . so there isn't even a good place to sleep with her . I agree there isn't anything but problems here . unfortuently she made some really dumb choices when she was young

  • You could tolerate everything but not a kid. As she got a kid, leave her. Kids bind their parents forever - even if they want to be separate.

    And in a case if you would totally suck it up that kid sometimes may tell you: "You're not my real dad" - do you want that to happen?

  • Don't know man that's a lot of baggage to carry... I mean, no matter how good looking she is, there will always be girls better looking. It's like when you go shopping, do you buy the first thing you see or do you shop around.


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