Ehhh I don't understand guys/ Sorry this Q is so long!

So a guy at my internship recently started flirting w me (Tues, Aug 21st). He's apparently liked me since I started my internship in June but he never said anything. I've also liked him for a while but I was always nervous around him so I kind of avoided him until Tuesday when he was flirting pretty heavily. The next day(Wednesday) I went to go see him again since I had work related questions and we talked some more. Before I left he asked for my number and told me he liked me. Then he gave me his number just in case. I saw him again that day and we talked. He asked me to come visit him often since he wanted to see me. I was expecting him to text that night but he didn't and I figured he was just busy. I went to go see him the next day (Thursday) since I had work related questions again and as soon as I walked in he said he had texted me last night, turns out he texted the wrong number. I texted him just so he had the right number and continued to talk to him until I had to leave. He asked me to go to a concert w him Saturday but I told him I had to move in Saturday. He asked me to come visit him again since it was the last day we'd see each other at work. I visited him again, we talked and before I left he wanted a hug and then (surprisingly) he kissed me. Then a couple minutes later he called me and asked if I was offended and I told him I wasn't. Finally before I left for the day he came to my office to see me and we talked there for a while he asked me what I was doing Sunday and we made vague plans to hang out. He also told me to come see him perform at a bar that night. He hugged me again but didn't kiss me this time although I could tell he wanted to. Right before he left I told him to text me about Sunday and he said he would and left. I didn't hear from him that night snd I couldn't make it to the bar. I called him Friday around 5:30 to apologize for not making it to the bar. He sounded...groggy?...or something when I called and he said that he'd call me back. I have yet to hear from him. Do you think he's just busy this weekend or do you think he isn't into me? I understand that we haven't been talking for a long time so I don't expect him to text me all the time but I did expect him to call by now about our plans. Our supposed date is tomorrow and I haven't heard anything from him about that. I don't really want to text/call him since I feel like I'm being a bit annoying. What should I do?


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  • first off stop thinking and feeling like your being annoying ...maybe he was groggy because he probably drinked and had a hangover from the bar ...and stop making or expecting the guy to do everything. if you like him and want to talk to him, than do it / call/text him , its simple as that

    • He didn't go out that night, he said he was too tired and went to bed. So you don't think I've called too much,? That's really what I meant by annoying.

    • theres never a too much, in my opinion

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