What are the chances he's looking for more?

Hes 24, was married for two years then she divorced him because he was getting into trouble with the law

earlier he was telling me he's lonely and tired of it

Hes told me he'd like to get to know me but id said it first, because I asked him to get me high and didn't want him to think I'm just using him Because I've asked him a couple times and not to b conceited but, he knows I'm more attractive then he is and can get better and Because I came onto him first I don't want him to assume I'm only after the drugs since he is a dealer and always has plenty to share. .

I honestly like him for him.. I know he's not a player and is honest and trustworthy (mutual friends told me) is sweet, funny, sexy..making a future for himself (in college) has goals, we enjoy close enough to the same things.. He can work on cars (idk why but I like that in a potential boyfriend).. Also seems like he'd treat me great..

Anytime we've hung out he hasn't tried to perve on me or anything but we kissed before I left this time :) and he asked if we could hang out again

the only sucky part is he's a busy guy, so its hard to find time together and we don't talk a whole lot through out the day because of h schedule for one and 2 he's not much of a texter.. But does hmu throughout the day and see what/how I'm doing.. but id think would talk a little more when we aren't spending time.. but I also think he was confused about my intentions like I was/am him..I'm assuming and hoping he wants more but it could b a front :/

What do y'all think does it sound like he's possibly wanting a relationship?

What should I keep my eye out for to know rather he's just wanting in my pants or wanting something more?

thank u


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  • Just continue to talk to him and spend time with him and hold off on anything sexual. If he's still talking to you and showing interest then its probably a good indication he's into you. Also after awhile talk to him about it, like what he wants and what he's looking for. He'd know better than anyone else and its always better to actually know than assume. Its also very beneficial to start that open communication early on in the relationship too, establish that its okay to talk about things.

    • Ok thank you very much :) and I agree about the start comunicating early.. My last2 relationships failed from a lack of lol..