It's OK to say to a girl we met that we are depressed?

I just met a girl for 2 months on the Internet. I usually ask her out when there's sunny outside. I suffer of Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) (or winter depression). So I'm depressed on winter but also even in summer when it's raining or when there's cloud.

So it's OK to say to the girl that I'm depressed or it's a turn off? Can she reject me because of that.

I can get out with her on a cloudy day later. But when she asks for our first date it was raining and I don't want to show up when I'm strongly depressed because it'll make a bad first impression of me. So I declined her first date request to reschedule it to next week. Should I tell her it's because of my Seasonal depression condition or I just should tell her that I had other things to do?


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  • You could tell her that you hate bad weather, it gives you a bad mood. Don't drop the word "depressed" so soon, it sounds really serious. I would just say: "Sorry about the reschedule, but bad weather gives me a bad mood, do you know SAD?" Then you could explain what it is.

    Something like that.

    • You sure that wouldn't piss the "wrong" girl off?

      "Oh! If some rain can stop you, then I'm obviously very important to you!"-kinda thing..

    • If she's a dramaqueen, yes. If she respects you and your condition, it won't scare her off.

    • Thanks for B.A.!

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  • I can't say how she will react when you tell her, but I think that you should tell her.

    I am sure she will respect you for being honest with her, as long as she is a decent girl.

    Its important for her to know something like this about you, if you want to have a relationship with her. Tell her exactly how you feel when you get depressed. Make her understand it so she can understand you. If she is a good girl, she will hang around :-)

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