Girl I like just broke up with boyfriend. How should I approach to date her?


So this girl I have known for half a year just broke up with her boyfriend for the 4th and final time so she says after being in a one year relationship with this guy. Now she says she doesn't wanna date any guy and hates guys and is very odd lately when I went out as friends for dinner with her.

I'm 26yrs old and she's 23 and her boyfriend was 20yrs old.

I want to know how should I approach her and hangout, and like know how often to text and call, etc not be be clingy. I don't want to keep away too long in case some other dude sweeps her off her feet and lose my chance so please what's the best thing to do.

She knows how I feel about her as I told her once that I'm crazy for her and that I think she's just amazing inside and out and how much I would love to have her give me a shot at dating when she feels ready. So far after telling how I feel about her she hasn't been anti me she does want to go out when I call her lets do dinner and recently asked her to an amusement park we'll hit sometime this month.

I also got these 10 salsa dance classes for 2 as I was going to go with a guy friend we both wanted to learn to dance but now can't. Would it be wise to ask her if she wants to join me in these classes and be my partner? or foolish as I will look so odd not knowing how to dance lol.


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  • Keep it casual and fun. Don't pressure her. Be there for her, ask her how she's doing, if she needs anything. However if it looks like you're about to be "friend zoned" back off a bit. You have to be there without being to forceful, here's a good rule, act like you're dating, treat her like you're dating but don't make it too obvious. Lead her to the conclusion but don't force it on her. For example, do go to a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant and then see a romantic comedy...don't say "Let's go on a date" after a while, of showing her you're there for her and you're dependable and invested in her she'll want to date you. Text her and call her as often as you would someone you just met and just asked out, if she doesn't respond well back off and give her a bit of space. Also this sounds so sneaky BUT it works, invite her to coffee and ask about how she's doing "I know your break up was hard, let me know if you want to talk it out or vent...I'm here for you." Then do the opposite of whatever he did, was he always late? Show up five min early. Was he thoughtless? Pick her up a nice copy of her favorite book. To show you're listening and you care. I would even say "I'm here if you need me, I don't want to intrude though but let me know if you need me or want to talk things over because I care and really want to help" That should work like a charm, she'll be yours in no time!

    Oh and last thing you have to stress you are not like other guys! If she's had a bad experience show her through your words and actions you won't do the same.


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  • Um, mention it but don't ask: salsa dance lessons seems a bit too couple-y. If she's want to she'll suggest it, if not leave it alone. Try "I have an extra ticket to this salsa dance class, know anyone who will want to try it?"

    • I asked her over dinner today that my friend bailed on me and asked if she wants to do salsa dance classes she smiled and said yes I'm down.

    • YAAAAAAYY! *happy dance. happy dance* Its weird how excited I am for you but its such an awesome sign! Obviously, your instincts are spot on so you don't need us, I hope everything turns out awesome for you guys!

    • Thanks!

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  • Give it your best, but keep in mind that she ust game out of a relationship. KEEP IT IN MIND!


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