How do I tell my classmates to stop setting me up?

I'm a good guy I've been told. Neither nice nor bad boy and I'm single because I don't want a relationship right now and there isn't any girl that has interested me enough to want to pursue anything anyways. Everyone thinks that I would make a good boyfriend for a girl and this is where I have a problem. My classmates are trying to set me up with good girls that I'm just not attracted to. On one hand I feel like a shallow bastard and on the other I'm like these guys don't even know me and why don't they hook themselves up with these girls.

I never want to be in a situation where it is a "why not" as opposed to "why".


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  • It's as simple as saying that to them.. It's not shallow to not be attracted to someone else, even if they look great, you have standards set for yourself. If they don't meet those standards, whether it's purely physical or their personality or their income etc, you aren't obligated. I'd say to be polite in telling your friends to stop what they're doing, but sometimes you can't be nice AND be taken seriously. So, tell them flat out the next time they mention a new girl they want you to meet,

    "I can find my own dates." "There's a reason I'm single, when I'M ready to change that, I will." "I think I know my type a little better than you, so I think I'll find my own dates."

    Something along those lines. Really it just depends on how you say it, it doesn't HAVE to be mean but I feel like people get the message a little better when you don't say it in a joking way.

    Hope I helped a bit lol


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  • Just tell them the truth, just say a relationship isn't what you want right now, and say if the girls so great why don't they date her themselves

  • say you found someone else

    • I don't want to lie. Honesty is my policy.

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  • you can tell them you have an online girl friend.

    or just say you'll find someone in your own time and stop rushing you into relationships you might not enjoy.


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