Why has he stopped texting/calling?

I've been out with this guy maybe three times and he has said all sorts of wonderful things, like he can see me getting along really well with his sister, that he sees me as long term and possibly marriage material, that he wants to keep me around for as long as possible, he has told his mother about me, etc. But after fooling around and having sex one time, he no longer seems interested in texting or calling anymore. WTF?


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  • Ouch! hate to say it but the way he's acting now, it seems like he only wanted sex. If it bothers you too much, ask him what he thinks and why is he acting distant.

    • That's kind of what I think, but what if I didn't give him enough of a chance to respond to my last text? I texted him on a Sat. afternoon and when I didn't hear back by about the same time Sun., I basically told him to get lost and never come around again. But now of course I regret that and really want him back.

      Would it be too pathetic to call him once more and ask if we can talk about it? I wouldn't be creating all this drama for myself if I didn't like him so much....

    • He hasn't responded back to you yet? I would, call him and ask him if he would like to talk about it. or just start talking when he picks up...