Missing my ex? but I also like my boyfriend?

he says he loves me, he always tries to fix his mistakes and buys me things and always tells me he loves me but sometimes I feel like he lies to me and only likes me for my bidy he always tells me I'm sexy more than beautiful and when I tell him I wanna break up he cries and tells me he doesn't wanna lose me but it seems fake to me and I don't trust even tho he hasn't given me reason to besides finding he lied about something small

i feel like my ex was a better boyfriend for our anniversary he wrote me a letter of how he felt and he would always text me morning and goodnight he would never stop talking to me and he would text a long paragraph of how he felt for me ( and I miss that) my new boyfriend doesn't do those cute things

we never fought me and my new boyfriend fight for stupid little things and he says they're really stupid and don't count as fights but it really hurts me I kinda miss my ex but sometimes I feel like my new boyfriend really loves me and sometimes I don't what should I do?


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  • Get back with your ex; suffer the consequences if you are wrong in your stated judgements


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  • If your still thinking about your ex with another guy...get back with him.

    I split up with my ex Girlfriend few months been on a few dates..every date I go on I still think about her. I want her back.

    Follow your heart..and not your head!


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  • Drop them both.


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