We were dating, but what now?

Hi, so there's this guys, we met last year while we were out at a bar (through friends of friends). Anyways so this year we started to talk a lot more, and he and I were going on dates and hanging out, ect.

So generally people say I'm quite down to earth and friendly. I prefer just the easy going and straight forward outlook to stuff, which generally people like about me.

We're both in our 20s, he's late twenties. I’ll admit I used to go for bad guys, but instead this guy genuinely seems a nice guy, so I wanted to take the chance, people we mutually know have all agreed he seems a nice guy.

Everything seemed to be going well.. We were getting to know each other. He told me he liked me a lot and I told him I liked him back. We went to quite a few social events together to do with his family/friends (and his friends seemed to know who I was before I was introduced). We’d been going on a few dates for about a month but weren’t official so it was pg - kissing, etc.

But there's always one cringe worthy friend that gets involved - and mine when she was introduced completely embarrassed me. She hinted that I don't stop talking about him, though Id only mentioned who he was a week before to her only in passing. I went to the loo, and while I was gone she'd said 'if you like her, do something about it!' (totally cringed)

So after that we hung out another day, just us two. It was night time and after a while we started kissing, it got more heated and we both got into it a lot, though we didn't go past 2nd base.

We both left with smiles, and everything seemed great. Then after that I literally just didn't see him in months, we still text (but not as much), and he would still start the conversations on most occasions.

Were both adults, and have jobs so I get that. Being busy, but for that long like 3 months? I don't get this - it seemed great, and then literally nothing. So quite randomly we bumped into each other a few weeks ago in a bar (we were both with our friends). We chatted for a while before we went back to hang out with our friends, his friend who I've met before said to me 'oh you two were dating werent you :-)' I said that I didn't know. So his friend replied 'oh he (the guy I was/possibly am involved with) thought you were?'

So curiously it made me think and later I thought I'm casually just going to ask if he still likes me - if the answer was no, I'd rather know and I could handle that. So I asked him, (cringe I know ha) and he looked shocked, but said yes he still did, smiling and held my hand. Unfortunately I then had to leave (my friend was drunk), so I said Id see him later. Yet, I text him once since and he replied, but he hasn't really bothered with me.

Whats the deal? Is it that he doesn't like me, but just said he did? Should I do anything? I just don't get it.


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  • he said he likes you so he must like you, maybe he thought you guys were together but not official so when your friend said do something abut it if you want her he might have thought, I am doing something about it and maybe he thought it was a strange thing to say because in his head you were together. the fact that he is replying is a good sign, just try and hang out with him again like you were and everything will fall in to place because you like each other.

    my advice would be because you know he likes out and he knows you like him just be honest with him and say in a nice way can we start hanging out again, but this time be clearer and make him your boyfriend sooner, everything will work out ok!


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