Should I stand by my ex girlfriend? Please read

Me and my girlfriend had only been together for 2 weeks but despite the short period of time I have very strong feelings for her and she did to, there was such a connection between us it felt like we had know each other a lot longer. But the other day everything changed when her abusive ex jailbird ex boyfriend tracked her down and ended up beating her up but they are not going out. Now she Is so messed up she doesn't know what she wants or needs at the moment and finds it hard to trust lads which I totally understand. She says she still wants to talk to me tho we hardly ever speak at the moment and because of distance I can't be there for her in person tho she is moving closer soon for uni. I have told her I want to still be there for her even tho we are not going out anymore and still take her places I said I would when we were going out and she seemed happy about that. I'm I doing the right thing and is there hope for us because I'd hate to lose her for good but also I don't want to end up just being friends forever either.


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  • Def. stand by her as a friend. This is a tough call for you I know. Your connection is so strong you crave her right now & for yourself. She was abused physically & probably mentially she will need time & a restraining order for the ex jailbird also professional counseling. Don't worry your time will come


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  • you should stand by her .. is there a way to beat that jerk that hurt her

    • Well from what her and her friend tells me he is a real big bad guy who has been in Prison and not someone you want to mess with

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