Girl says she does not want relationship but still texts?

So I've been flirting with this girl for about 2 months now. We met once and we basically fell in love with each other lol..We started talking on Facebook and Skype (by this time we were in different countries) She was saying like I can't wait to see you and stuff like that. Somehow I got a bit jealous over things and she got kinda pissed of and said maybe this wouldn't work. When I came back to the country we both live in, she said that she is not ready for at relationship and I was like OK but pissed actually.. After couple of days I wrote my true feelings to her and that I didn't wanted this to end this way. She was feeling the same way and we started to talk again (texting). I asked her if she wanted to meet me and she said yes but don't know when.. Is she stringing me along? But she still texts me like "hey what are you doing" and stuff... What should I do, seriously ? Should I just stop texting her ?


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  • You "flirted" with her for 2 months, then met, and basically "fell in love" ?

    Yeah, not exactly.

    I personally think that she just wants to be a friend who texts you and meets up occasionally, and you just take it to mean a different thing, like her liking you and flirting with you.

    I might be wrong, but that's just my opinion.


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