This Is My Online Dating Profile

Guys what does this say to you? Am I appealing just based on what you read? What should I say/not say? Should I add or remove anything? Your opinion would be very appreciated!

Thank you

Looking somebody to chill with long term and someone who is cool enough to be friends with if we don't work out.

hrm...lets see as for hobbies I love writing, I'm in the middle of a few projects right now, I love photography, Art

:) I'm a huge believer in being open-minded and taking an objective approach to everything...

I love people and large crowds like Bourbon street during Mardi Gras! But I'm also very much a home body as well...I love comedies and horror movies! I'm in college...

Most people would describe me as an intelligent person with a warm demeanor...I'm that person you're compelled to tell all of your problems to and you don't know why..Lolz people tend to be very comfortable pouring their hearts out to me...and I give back what I can, in advice and compassion...

I'm a silly person, I like to joke around

I enjoy cooking, I experiment a lot...

As far as things out of the house I like cafes, coffee, car rides, bars, movies, random things I find on groupon our living social, art shows

What I'm looking for in a guy:

I like learning new things so I'd like to find someone that enjoys sharing in their interest, doesn't really matter to me what you're into...

I'm looking for someone cool, laid back, opinionated, and is a little bit adventurous!

as far as my music taste go I'm big into indie music, hip hop, and rock..meaning broken bells, kanye, and chevelle... I loooove the black keys also! And adele! And tyga! also I love anything I can dance too!

Kudos to you if you actually read all this!


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  • You sound like a fun person worth knowing :) I don't even know what Bourbon street is or what MArdi Gras is other than that it is a holiday.

    • I'm a but adventurous ;p

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  • My few thoughts:

    1) Nothing improves email responses like a good photo. Hire a friend to stage/photograph the greatest possible photo of you humanly possible. It seems superficial because it is. If the goal is dating success then do this first. And include at least one group friends photo to prove you have healthy happy friends.

    2) Avoid sounding generic... it's actually more attractive to meet a girl who has definite interests and passions, as opposed to a girl who's unsure what she likes.

    THIS: I "like Bourbon street during Mardi Gras!"

    NOT THIS: "I like Bourbon street during Mardi Gras! But I'm also very much a home body as well"

    Just a suggestion. Be decisive even if it filters guys out, which it won't.

    I've written, "I prefer brunettes" only to get emails from blondes who hate brunettes. ;)

    3) Maybe structure your profile a little more... you mention that you love mardi gras, then you mention you love comedies, then you mention you're in college, all in the same paragraph.

    4) I love that you describe what you're looking for in a guy. Being selective is attractive.


    ~ Robby

    • Thanx great advice! :) is your name really Robby btw?

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    • I'm just sayin because everyone calls me robby! Lolz

    • Ha, great nick name!

  • Delete all the "cool" words. Delete the first sentence. Which do you want most...laid back, or opinionated? Can't have both. I would recommend starting over actually. Start off with who you are...short and to the point. Sell yourself. What makes you unique? What makes you stand out against other women? Then the top 3 things you like. Finish with the main things you're looking for in a guy.

  • its cool .. I liked it


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