If a girl always uses one word responses?

Anytime I talk to this girl, known each other a long time too(4 years), she always uses one word responses the majority of the time yet when I ask 'Do you want me to let ya go' she replies yes or no depending on how she feels. We have had a few things in the past and we text a lot. If I don't text her first and wait about a week she will text first but it will still be the one word responses. What should I think of this? Obviously she is either bored or enjoys something about texting me or she wouldn't do it so much.


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What Girls Said 1

  • She's not into you and she's too nice to tell you to f*** off.

    • But what about the fact that if I don't text her for a few days she will text me and start the convo-thing.

    • Do the same thing with her ha ha maybe then she'll realize. :)

What Guys Said 1

  • How have you managed to talk to a girl for 4 years that doesn't talk? =P Also why waste your time? If you don't have any chemistry with a girl and conversation isn't good, in my opinion you should just drop it and move on. I mean you have a big 4 years of nothing screaming in your face that it's not going anywhere...


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