Don't think he will make a move? What should I do?

I am talking to a guy I knew as kids, and were a "thing" till middle school. I am a single parent, and he is too. We are both shy. The talking is nice. I wouldn't mind if he asked me out, but I don't think he will, and I have never asked a guy. What should I do?


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  • ummm ask him out?

    ex: "hey, wanna go do (insert whatever) tomorrow ( or whenever is convenient...)?"

    Doesn't need to be much more complicated than this really...

    • Pretty solid advice.

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    • I am scared of rejection. That is what is stopping me.

    • everybody's scared of rejection, but you need to get over it and accept that it's a possibility. So what if he rejects you though really...Doesn't change anything in your current life, it just means you won't be with THIS guy.

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  • As a fellow single parent, it can be tricky... Do you have similar visitation schedules? If so, just ask! You are over 30, so no shame! Go casual with drinks or whatever, something low key... Or start through the kids and let them have play dates, see if there is a spark.

    • We both have sole custody of our kids.

    • Only thing is, that playdate thing wouldn't work. He has a teenager, I have a pre-schooler.

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  • My crush is kind of teh same way. I thought he'd never ask me out. Finally I just decided to start bringing up hanging out. It was kind of hard for me to do but I did it jokingly and he got the idea. I also told him that I believe in guys asking girls out.

    So that is what you will have to do if you don't want to wait because waiting can be frustrating. Just do it casually and see if he accepts.

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