Met online, had sex, I acted slightly crazy but now I have feelings for him, is there any chance?

We had discussed having sex before meeting and both knew it would probably just be a "hook up." So we had sex the first time we met in person, and he was extremely affectionate and sensual the whole time. We ended up watching a movie and hanging out for the entire day. afterward, he wasn't texting me as much as he had before we had sex. I've been going through A LOT and was so stressed in every area of my life that I told him I didn't think we should talk anymore because I didn't want to get hurt (the comment was completely from left field). He said "oh...ok..." Of course within the next day or two I rescinded the comment and apologized for being "crazy." We laughed it off but I heard from him much less and only when I initiated it. I told him to let me know if he wanted to hang out last weekend and he never responded. I know I acted crazy, but I want a chance to prove that I'm not and I was just in bad circumstances and acted kinda looney. Can I salvage ANYTHING, even just a second chance with this man? If so, how?


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  • If you both went into it knowing it was only a FWB situation, the odds are he's assuming that's all you wanted and he probably doesn't want anything serious himself. If you want something serious, why not just hit him with a direct question, like was it only a one time thing? At least you'll know your answer for sure, no games, no bullsh*t

    • I agree, I'd rather just know rather than worrying about it constantly! Should I just say, "soo was that just a one time thing?" and not even address the craziness or fact that he ever texted back? And what if he says "no, come on over, let's f*ck!" Will that be my answer?

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  • You don't want him to think you're going to be his booty call either. Because if he thinks you're

    just going to give it up to him at his beck and call, I can guarantee he will only talk to you when

    he wants piece. Forget the craziness, and like I said just be direct and straight up about it. See how he responds. I mean, from his perspective, he could also be questioning, how many times

    have you done this before? That's the thing. He doesn't know. So maybe he might think it was kind of easy? It's kind of a difficult situation because now you're emotionally invested in it.


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  • Well, it was just sex. Sounds like he is over it already.

  • I don't believe in online relationships, That's just me . But most of these guys on their , Just wants some quick and easy sex with no attachments . I bet you anything he's in a relationship , I could be wrong but I bet it was just sex to him.


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