What does it mean if he still texts after it's over?

we had a fling for a few months not committed to each other just dating so in that case I didn't feel comfortable taking "the next step" physically so after that I assumed he wouldn't want me anymore

weve been speaking less but he still contacts me every few days.

i told him a while ago that I start school today so he texted me asking how it went, I am surprised he even remembered.

what does this mean..he wants to be friends or maybe more?

i guess it means he still thinks about me? what does it mean if I'm still on his mind?

i did like him a lot and all and I just got frustrated worrying I would get hurt since I didn't trust him fully and sometimes got scared he only had one goal. but we did click and I miss him.

i don't know what to think :/


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  • your answer is in the first paragraph, I have done this so many times years back, your not a no, you a maybe, in his mind one day you will be vulnerable enough, sorry its really screwed up, I call it fishing, they call to see if they can catch

    as far as trust, if you don't trust someone its never going to work, if you give them your trust against your better judgement, it will be worse

    but if you don't trust them because of what your ex did, then you will never trust anyone, every guy is different


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