Why does she love leaving me in suspense?!!!

i've been talking to this girl for a week now. I text her a bit, we chat and flirt with each other, I ask her to hang out, she ignores me, texts me the next day, etc etc etc.

this is my last attempt, I texted her asking if she wants to come to a concert with me this weekend. she sounded interested in going. then she was like "what day is it" and I said "Sunday", and then that's it. she didn't text me back or anything. wtf?
so I pretty much put the offer on the table and she hasn't given me an answer


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  • you're acting like a little bitch.

    1. stop texting for f***'s sake.

    2. call her up.

    2.1. she won't answer? she won't call back? it's over. for life. even if she text you later it doesn't matter. she's out. block her number. ignore her. never ever in your life speak to her again. forget about her. find a new one.

    2.2. she answers and says no? it's over. for life. forget about her. find a new one.

    start being a f***ing man. or you wanna be played like a little puppy doll?

    • ..im a little bitch for pursing a girl I like? lol your a phaggot for even thinking that way bro. she continues to text me which obviously means she is interested. this girl is 17 years old, I don't know how old you are but at 17-18 if you want the girl you gotta play the game.

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    • how do you know we talk about nonsense? lol I don't take advice from retards so I'm just gonna disregard everything you said.

    • sucka d*** too

  • Get a backbone. Stop texting the girl, she's obviously not interested.

    If she texts you wondering why her favorite spineless poodle has stopped seeking her affection, just tell her you got the message that she wasn't interested, and you're going with someone else. (Don't say who, don't be drawn into it. Don't contact her for AT LEAST a week.)


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