Stuck between two guys... PLEASE HELP!

so, last week, I went to a party. I met a group of guy friends, and one of them, called M, hung out with me all night, but I had a really big crush on his friend, D. but most of the night, D was gone talking to other people. M and I hooked up, went all the way, and the next day, I texted them both so that they had my number. M immediately texted me back, and told me he liked me more than a one night stand. D never texted me back. I'd tried talking to D, saying 'hey what's up' and he never responded, so I invited M over to hang out with my roommate and I, and M and I ended up hooking up again. We were talking about this hooking up we've done, and I asked what exactly he's looking for, he said he will always be my friend, because he really thinks I'm a great person, and if I want to have sex, he'll want to do it too. he said that for an african American girl, D was really impressed with me, but that he saw that I was with M the whole time, so he backed off. M told me if I was interested in his friends, he'll help me out. but I know that M kinda likes me, and D doesn't talk to me, so would it be hard to transition between the two friends? would it work?


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  • Stick to M and forget D. Otherwise, you're going to wind up with whatever D has, and give to M, and then he might give it to your roommate, and who knows what will happen next...maybe a movie deal or something.


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  • I agree with WaitingAtTheDoor. You seem set with M, and D seemed more interested in everyone else.

    My only suggestion is to make sure M is after what you are as well. He may just be after a FWB instead of a relationship, or vice versa.

  • Do what every girl does and sleep with both of them

    • woaaaahhh no. the one I actually like I wouldn't sleep with...

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    • dude you don't know my life...

      it was because of intoxication the first time, and I'll admit, the second time was a real hookup. I'm in college. I'm having fun. shows how much you know about me, I've only had one relationship, and one friend with benefits. I came from a decent family, make stellar grades, and work hard to pay for my schooling and in my field of study.

      you were saying I was emotionally damaged?

    • No I was saying that the guys that try picking up girls at parties are no good. Not the women, ots because guys that are willing to hookup with girls at parties will more than likely, hookup with a different girl at a different party. He may be different than that I'm just saying.

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