Ladies, you got over the guy you like, now he's going for you?

Let's say that you like this guy very much and you don't know each other at all. You want to get to know him but he doesn't know at all that you like him. After that, you haven't seen him for a while.

Then 3 months later, you see the guy again and this time he's going after you. Would you still like him or got over him? Would you still have feelings for him? Would you give him a second chance?

I'm the guy...


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  • Well for this one, I can actually kinda relate to it..

    I've been falling for a guy for 3 years. We don't know each other AT ALL. I've always wanting to know him but he doesn't know at all that I like him.

    3 years ago, I thought he liked me cos we made eye-contacts and all, but that was when I had to leave the country for studying overseas.. for the past 3 years I missed him so soo much! but he didn't know at all, at all!

    3 years later, when I came back to my country, I found that he did not like me! When we meet on the street again, he did not even recognise me. and the most heartbreaking thing is that he does not know about my existance at all!

    now, I already got over him. efforts.

    but I still have feelings for him.

    if this time he's going after me, I would probably make friends with him first and see if we could futher develop relationship between us.

    well, for you.. I think you should ask some of her friends about what she thinks towards you.. :)

    best of luck mate!


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  • depends on situation, like: whether I'm dating another guys after 3 months, or the feel for you is just a crush or intense feeling..

    mostly, if he comes back to ask me out, why not?

  • Love = Time

    I don't think I would have feelings for him if I'm completely over him :/

  • I can so relate 100%

    Well I liked this guy, talked a few times but he wasn't into me as I was into him. Anyways, times passed I slowly forgot about him. However , I still had him on my contacts list, forgot I even had him as a contact. After 2 whole years when I finally get over him he comes back and talks to me. Now guess what? After that he always talks to me everyday and Skype always and see each other and he fell in love with me. So now, my feelings towards him have come back, only a tiny bit(: but I'm giving him half a chance. Not really a chance just knowing him more and more. But seriously, so annoying -_-

  • I don't know this has happened to me, if I really liked you yes. However, not sure how secure the relationship would be.

  • yes I would if I didn't have a new guy on my head assuming he didn't rejected me at first


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