Is it possible to be dating someone and be oblivious to the fact or are we just becoming super close friends?

So 5 months ago I started this hostess job 20 minutes away from my home town because I knew it would be right next to the college I was going to be starting in the fall. The new busser they hired a few weeks after me also took the job because he was going to be starting at this college to. When I learned he wasn't single though I didn't really put in any effort to get to know him.

About 2 months ago we started to talk a lot more at work because we realized this and he was no longer taken. I started to invite him out to parties I was going to in the area before we both moved into the dorms but he never could. Now we've both just started classes and our lives down here. This past Friday, I went to a coworker's party and invited him to come along once he finished work. He came and we spent the whole night talking, he tried to throw me into the pool, and when everyone was sitting around the table he had me sit on his lap. At 2:30 we finally left and he took me to this dinner. While we were going over the menu I mentioned how I love getting pancakes and cheesy fries. I only got pancakes since I forgot my wallet at the dorm and didn't want to be a bitch even though he said he didn't mind paying for me. He got a sandwich which came with fries. He asked for them to be cheesy and shared them with me.We then ended the night cuddling in bed watching Netflix till 5:30.

The next night we both were working he asked if I had any plans for my Saturday night. I said I didn't and asked about his, he said no. I mentioned how I didn't really feel like going out and that I was probably just going to watch Netflix and how he could join. He then walked me up to my common room as usual and then we both left to put on pjs. We spent the whole time cuddling to the movies with his arms around me. At like 1:30 he wanted pizza so we drove around looking for open places and at Walmart he bought me some too even though I just went along for the adventure. We then got back to the dorm and my roommate was in with some people, after the other guests left, he decided to as well because he had a double the next day. I asked if he needed a hug and my roommate (Hannah) said "give him a hug for me too" When I was giving him the hug he goes "wow Hannah you give really great hugs" as he practically makes me berry my head in his chest then he and I said our good byes and he left.

Now people at the party and who were in my dorm room thought that he and I were dating and when I've talked to people they said that we already are dating it's just not official yet. I always thought that dating happens when someone says hey I like you would you like to go out, not just taking the person out. So could we already be dating?


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