Any girls have problems with guys saying they "love you," but in a joking manner? why do they do it?

Like at work some of the guys say " I love you," or " I have feelings for you," but some are married or older, and I know they are really just joking but I don't know why they say things like that when I can't go out with them?

anyone else have this problem? and why do they do it?


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  • The only time I do that is in a joking form of sarcasm with close female friends, like when they say a something like "you're horrible" in a joking fashion, I may reply with "I love you too." otherwise, if te my girlfriend, I'm dead serious about it. If I say it, I mean it. That's it

  • its the same thing you women do when you want something. you flirt with men so that we can do whatever you want us to do. While we're sitting on the sideline want to get a chance to be with you. If you think its wrong then change your ways and things will follow

    • Thats just it, I don't flirt with them, I'm nice to them because they are coworkers, but I've never crossed that line. and yes, I know it can go both ways ;)

    • But, you have flirted with a guy to get him to do something for you. Am I right or wrong? It also sounds like you like the attention from the a little. Am I right or wrong? I take it that you are a single woman and they know it. Am I right or wrong? Don't take it personal aslong as they don't cross the line.

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