Hung out after speed dating.

My friend and I did speed dating last night and it was fun! After the event was after her and I hung out at the bar. A guy I talked to earlier in the evening during speed dating, came over and offered to buy me a drink. We ended up staying for 3 more hours and befriending the bartender and owner, doing shots and drinking.

He talked to me the entire time, asked questions (and remembered all my answers), made me laugh, touched my arm, and seemed interested. He was surprised at how much we had in common. I put my drunk friend in a cab and him and I walked to the subway together (him and I didn't get drunk).

He gave me a hug, asked for my number, then gave me another hug and a kiss on the cheek. He made no mention of calling me of getting in contact or even going on a date...did he ask for my number just to be polite or end the evening nicely?


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  • He's probably just waiting a bit, so that he doesn't come off as being desperate/clingy. He'll most likely call within the week.


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  • If he wasn't interested he wouldn't even have asked, he would have just sent you on your way. Give him a few days to get in contact ;)


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