After a drunk hook up?

so over the weekend this guy and I hooked up a couple times when we were in the club and so the next day his friend all tagged us in a post and he added me from that.. originally I hooked up with him because I hadn't hooked up with anyone in a while but now I actually think I'm developing feelings for him and I guess I just want to know if there's hope after a drunk hook up to get together? I was originally tipsy and then sober at the time but he was half tipsy.

im from australia so mind you the term hook up means just making out.


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  • It can turn into something... trust your heart, but make sure your feelings are not based on choosing him over being alone. Love washes over you, uncontrollable, not a choice, so if this was true love, you would not need to ask the question... you will know when a guy is THE ONE. SO maybe your friend is the one for now.. be safe.

    Good Luck,



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