Would you give up or keep trying?

I fell out with a lady friend and sent her a couple of heart felt apology messages but she chose to ignore them both. Both messages were lengthy and detailed. I went through a lot of thinking to know what I had to say and meant every word. I am unable to call her as she won't answer my calls. Would you agree the ball is in her court or do you think I should keep trying? Before anyone asks, I never back stabbed her or anything like that, I fell out with her after she started to become distant and I overreacted harshly by dropping our friendship as I was fed up with the one making all the effort to get us back on track.
  • The ball is in her court now, give her time and space, you have tried your best
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  • Keep trying, eventually she will talk to you
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  • If you

    A) didn't do anything wrong (you're simpling not feeling it anymore) and

    B) you were honest with her (though you should have talked to her personally and not through messages I get that sometimes it's easier to express yourself in writing)

    then your work is done here.

    You should stop trying to contact her because you have to give her space to heal or deal with whatever she's feeling now.

    It's not even the case where "the ball is in her court" because if she understood what you said and somehow agrees, she might have nothing to add and just needs to distance herself.

    Don't keep expecting her to appear again and start talking to you (or wanting more). It can happen, but you should move on and forget about that chapter of your life for now.

    Hope it helps :)


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  • Simply given her reactions to the matter (not contacting you whatsoever or even acknowledging your efforts), I would lay off. Who knows what she's thinking, but she's sending you the message that she's off the map. Back off and focus your efforts elsewhere. If she's meant to come back to you, it'll happen.

    • Great advise, thank you.

    • You're welcome!

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