Which boy should I choose? help me decide.

Two boys want to by my boyfriends , and it's hard to decide because somehow I like them both.

One I know for half year , he is 4 years elder than me. He was very promiscuous, had sex with many girls . But he is very funny and nice guy, great friend.

I've lost my virginity with him and since this ( one month ago) he says he loves me ,he wants only me ,thinks all the time only about me..

Second one I know only for 2 weeks . he is in my age. He said he felt in love with me from the first sign ,he writes to me romantic messages ..he is incredible funny . But he says only that I'm beautiful.. and doesn't know my character well yet , so maybe he felt only for my look?

They both are very handsome, first one looks more manly and handsome (because is elder) ,second one looks like funny boy.

Which one would you choose ? what do you advice me?


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  • You need to know the second one better, and see if you connect with him.

    I would say you should go for the first one, but he might still have the tendency to be promiscuous and might just want to have fun with you because he enjoyed having sex with you, so I would say you get to know the other one better and you see if he still likes you after knowing you, or if you yourself still like him after knowing him better.

    As for the second guy falling for your beauty, I think that is the point of beauty in the first place, you wouldn't want to try a dish that didn't look inviting. Now that you know he likes you, even if it's just for your beauty all you need to do is give him a taste of the dish and see if he still likes it.



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  • Well, I'd go with the first one, since you know how he is in the sack, and he doesn't look like a funny boy hahaha.

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    • i just tried that, for a unrelated mater. it worked. thanks...not so much when it was in the air, but how much my heart sank when it landed ;)

    • Glad I could help.

      I want to test the validity of this concept.

      Like buying a car or a house haha

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  • Don't go with the second one. He's coming on really hard really fast and that's almost always a bad sign. Either he's just in love with the idea of having a girlfriend and you just happened to be the girl he fixated on, or he's an a**hole pretending to be Prince Charming.

  • Well must of the time they way they treat you and how they look is good, but you need to choose the one you have more things in common and the one you can relate more. The one you feel comfortable to be you. and the one who you can have a conversation with.

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