Post first coffee date behavior; to call or not to call/ text?

I met this guy on eHarmony, which I first joined a month ago. He is the first guy I actually met in person. He has been very fast in trying to first communicate with me, then meet me in person. He has seemed very interested the whole process. I also like him. He seems like the type of guy I'm looking for: has a life, a career and seems so sweet. I'm 33, he is 32. He asked to meet me for coffee or lunch. I told him coffee would be better. Since he came to my town (we live one hour away), he asked me to choose the place.

The date was really nice.. At least it's what I felt. He was very nice, polite and gave me positive reinforcements, like, I was watching for clues that he was having a good time. We talked easily and it was fun to me. There was of course a bit of the natural awkwardness typical of first time meetings. But it wasn't in a bad way. It seemed sweat to me. We talked for one hour and 15 minutes and he did not seemed rushed at all. At that time, my coffee had just ended because I tried to take a sip of it and it was gone. He then said he should probably get going. Once we were walking outside he said we should go out again, but almost in a question way. So I am DYING here, unsure if he was feeling me out a little insecure, to see if I myself was interested in going out again, or if he just said whatever because he wanted to be polite and avoid uncomfortableness. How to tell? I told him, "yes, definitely", but my reaction was a bit impersonal, since I was unsure also, if he was asking really or not...

He seemed like a genuine guy. And I like to think I can tell. But maybe he was just being a gentleman and polite, afraid to say just "thank you, it was nice meeting you"...

PLEASE HELP! This was last Sunday at noonish, so it's been 3 days.


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  • It's only eHarmony, take the plunge and tell him what really happened.

    That said, it was one coffee date and you're this worked up? It's just some guy off a dating site. I'm sure he's nice and everything but don't go thinking he's the last guy that'll ever look at you.

    • Oh, I don't think that at all... I'm talking to 3 other potential guys I like just the same.. But it's the unnerving feeling of having no idea what he was feeling that bothers me.. But I do like him (for a first date anyways). Or should I just expect to have fireworks in a successful first coffee date?

    • I gave up on dating years ago, so I have no idea what to expect - apart from that unnerving feeling that you're not quite sure what they think of you. Maybe that's just me, though.

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  • He's into you. He wouldn't have suggested a second date if he wasn't feeling it.

    That said, don't get worked about not hearing from him for a few days. He's probably busy and/or doesn't want to seem too eager.

    Shoot him a text. Maybe just a "hope your week is going well!" or something to that effect, so it doesn't come off as needy but let's him know you're thinking about him.

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