How do I get this girl to go out with me?

I met this girl on a site and she lives like 800 miles from me. I really want to date her, but I don't know how seriously she takes it when I subtly prod about that subject, like for instance I want to get her to meet me soon. I am willing to go there if I need to, and relocate and all that, but I just don't want her to meet someone else and then not need me anymore. This has happened to me before and I want to make sure it doesn't happen this time.


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  • Wow. You are moving very fast. A lot of what you like about her is what you are making up in your head. You might try backing off and trying to meet someone closer to you.

    If you really want to meet her, just ask her what she thinks about meeting up somewhere in the middle (or say you going to be in town for ...? something and it would be a great time to meet). I do not suggest you tell her you would relocate. That just sounds scary. Try to be more patient.

    • We talk dirty to each other a lot...

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    • No... we talk about normal stuff9 0% o fthe time.. and she says how much she likes talking to me too... and agrees we are compatible.

    • ok well... regardless you are thinking in terms of things way too fast... slow down.. and like I said... you haven't met her yet and most of what you are doing is all in your head -- regardless of how much online talking your are doing.. when you do meet her it will be getting to know her all over but in a different (and normal) way... I am just saying ... slow down.. meet her first and go from there.

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