Should I take him seriously? what do you think?

Just when I decided to get over my crush, who I stopped talking to for 4days, he texted me a "hi" with me replying 30mins later " hey wats up?" And I get this in return:-

"Not much really.. ^ ^,

Wanna go out with me?

We can have a little stroll down resistance lane... Or have a latte in the terminal ^ ^,

Why did you go offline?

How can I tell you what's up now:-)"

Note he jokes around a lot, like saying something then say the opposite, and we play video games online together, so the places he mentioned are stages in a video game, then I replied back jokingly that I hated terminal and I'm having internet problems which is true.

He the says "what a way to turn down a guy"

that's why I thought he wasn't serious. Then we ended up talking on voice chat for an hour but he didn't mention anything about his text
I panicked to say yes to him since I feared he might be just joking.

Oh and also today was the first time ever he said I was being cute.


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  • LOL, trust me don't take guys like these seriously, EVER. Observe him, and then make your decision.


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