What is up with this guy... Is he into me or not...?

So I met this guy. And well he is pretty awesome... The only problem is I don't know if he is just not into texting, or just not into me.

We had a great 2 dates.. He seemed so into me... But I don't get what is going on. Anyways I have decided to wait until he decides to text me... I am just scared that he is not into me...

judging by his behavior I thought he liked me. But now that he is not contacting me I have no even the slightest clue to as what is going on... He contacted me yesterday, saying he was sorry that he fell fell asleep the night before. I have not contacted him since that text, and all day today... when should I contact him again...?

Guys what do I do? I like this one and don't want to sound needy...

P.S. he also noted before we dated that he has a bit of a shield up...


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  • Is there any way you can find out about his background? You don't want to commit to someone you are interested in if he has some activity that would not be healthy for the relationship.

    He seems to have more on his mind than you. Try to get hints about his activities and check his actions and deeds against his words. If you can't verify what he tells you after three tries...he's out of your life...move on. The move is his to make...you are showing your are receptive by responding to his calls and messages. Also there is a new wave of predator using broiler plate text messing to lure women. They teach the course for $250.00 and they lure women in using the woman's curiosity and secret wording that gives subliminal messages about sex. This stimulates the women into a relationship. The text messages that actually work are passed on to other people taking the classes and used to get sex from other women. Text messaging and Facebook and the phone are not ways of effectively communicating for a relationship. Remember, your safety and identity are always at risk So make sure you really know a lot about this guy before you go head over heals and end up in pain again.

    Good Luck!



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  • Hm...what guy DOESN'T have a shield up.

    Text him back. If you really like him, do it daily. Just a :-) without expectation of a reply. That simply tells him that you're thinking of him (but only if this is true.)\

    If he tells you to stop, you'll know. If he likes it and texts back, it'll help the relationship.

  • Well, your last sentence is probably your answer. Remain calm. Don't over think the situation. First thing to ask yourself is, do I really want to get involved with someone that has outwardly told me that he feels he has a need to protect himself from whatever. That should probably be a red flag to you. Just in case you're wondering, the answer is no, you cannot fix his problems. No matter how much you want to do so.

    If you're willing to overlook the danger signs and red flags, take it slow. Send him a general text saying hello or wishing him a good day. If he responds, tell him you're thinking of seeing a movie (or whatever) and ask him if he wants to join you. If he blows you off, you just found out where you stand. Don't waste anymore time.


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  • Give him what he gives you and in the mean time go out with friends and see other guys. If this guy wants to keep going out, he WILL ask and make time for you.

    Good luck

  • did you respond to his text about falling asleep, and did that lead to a conversation? if you didn't respond, he is probably waiting to hear from you

    • I sad it was fine, and that I went to bed early as well. And it didn't turn into a conversation. He has been very busy with work, and other things..

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