Not sure about this girl, started talking online?

Alright, so I saw her profile online and recognized her. We went to high school and had a class together. I don't recall really ever talking to her though. I always thought she was cute and a nice girl. So I sent her a message and asked her how she was. About three or four days later she approved the chat but never said anything so I just let it be. It was seven days after I sent the message she responded to it and we talked for a few hours and she said she was getting off and gave me her number (I never asked for it) and told me to text her. I did. Then she looked me up on Facebook a little while later and added me. So I know she remembers me, my dating site doesn't show my last name, just first plus my profile pic isn't of me. This is the second day we've been talking and I got to looking at the convo and it seems like I'm the only one keeping it going. I don't think she has asked me but one or two questions while I've asked dozens. Yesterday after talking to her for a little while she kinda left an answer with a dead end so I purposely didn't say anything else. About two and a half hours later she sent a message saying "you must be working hard" and so we kinda started talking again. So I'm just not sure whether she is into me or just being nice... thoughts? I think she is very pretty and all just not sure what's going on...


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  • Jaw_500 I really hesitate to meet anyone on the net but you've known this person in the past so it may be safe usually the net is a place to talk but other then that I play it safe and avoid relationships from intranet because too many people looking to hurt others. Why don't you call her more get to know her by voice then go from there?

    • Ya we are suppose to meet up tomorrow for a bit just to hang out and see where things go. Just kinda strange to me how she is acting. Kinda like she isn't interested but then again she did start talking to me. I dunno, guess I'll just have to play it by ear.

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