What size would you date? (not the ideal, but your acceptable range)

I'm wondering what size of person people would date, not the "ideal date" but just who you would date.

I'm getting the feeling girls don't like guys like me, I'm kinda short, 5 foot 4 inches, and I weigh 120 (tried to gain weight and wasn't able to). I used to have my hair longer, it's short now, I wear t-shirts without any designs on them and jeans.

I don't really get any attention around campus, and have only... twice I would have to say, in 4 years. I can only recall getting attention once, but it's probably happened before, because I didn't even realize anything that other time until I had already left the cafe.

so, what kinds of people are you "able" to be interested in?

I'm alright with a girl being like, 4 foot 8 to a head taller than me, and as for weight, as long as she isn't rails or having their health on the line or anything like that.


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  • I'm attracted to guys who are around 6'+ and weigh...I really don't know. My boyfriend is 6'5 and weighs 180. Which apparently is borderline too light for his build. But I think he looks great. So I like that. However, I did not go looking for someone to fit those requirements. I met him and determined my likes and dislikes using him as a starting point. If we were to break up and I were to go looking for someone again, I doubt physical appearance would matter much in the long run. If I met an awesome guy who was shorter than that, that'd be perfectly fine. As long as he treats me right (not abusive, and gives me space). If that makes sense...


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  • i prefer medium size not skinny but not obese. slightly husky is OK by me. I hate obese and skinny


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  • I love short women. The ideal height I would love to meet someone would be between 5'1-5.5. However, I've seen many beautiful women out of those ranges, so ultimately, If I fall in love with the girl, everything basically goes out of the window. I mean, that kind of stuff won't even matter.


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