Should I try to get us back together?

It being summer and all I got to see people I Haven't seen in awhile, even started dating a guy for 6 weeks, but then before I left after visiting he told me he thought it would be better it we broke.. The relationship would have be sorta long distance.. He lives 2 hours away, but yet I go to where he live a lot in the fall and winter due to family. Should I try to get us back together and talk it out or just say screw it. He truly made me so happy when we were dating and I honestly thought we would still continue to date. please help!


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  • Did you two ever talk about what the relationship was going to be? He may have just wanted a summer fling. I personally would try talking to him and seeing what was up with it. But if he ignores you or whatever then I'd say f*ck it, and leave it as it is. yea its gonna suck but you'll fnd someone better


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