Will he leave me if he finds out my past?

So this guy and I have been hitting it off and kinda going out for a while. All very innocent. We just made US official. The only thing is, he is a super goody-good and I'm really not. We're both really smart and ambitious but like he's a virgin and super straight edge.

That doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I'd be willing to go back to living like that too for him. I think its sweet and I really like him. It's just, if he found out how I've been before... would he leave me?

I drink, not much but a lil. I've had sex with 5 guys. He doesn't know, but what if he finds out?


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  • Will he leave me if he finds out my past?

    Probably depends on if he's the type to have options. Though most likely he'll lose respect for you and downgrade you from a girlfriend to fwb/f*ck buddy without telling you.

    He doesn't know, but what if he finds out?

    Likely he'll either dump you if he has options or downgrade you as it seems a gal's sexual history is very important to most guys and 5 is a high number to some guys.


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  • A real man is willing to look past his gf's dating past.

  • I'm somewhat similar to him and 5 would be about my cut off line, so it would fine with me. Who knows how he would take it? It might go either way. If you have that trust in him, it couldn't hurt to be honest about it in my opinion.


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  • How could he find out if you don't tell him?

    I don't know what your age is but if it is closer to 18 than 24, chances are the number of guys you slept with would bother him. Whether he would leave you or not depends on how important it is to him for his girlfriend to be straight edge. But really, why should you care? If he is that narrow-minded you don't wanna date him anyway.

    • I'm 22. and thankyou, you're right.

  • I think dumping a person for their past is wrong if they changed

    it's the future now and the past was the past .


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