Isn't that too soon to send a compliment text like that?

Ok, so me and this girl have been texting quite a bit in the last 4 days now and it's been pretty flirty. I'm trying to get her out on a date, and she sorta agreed to this Sunday. I ended out texting convo earlier this night just by not responding to one of her texts(nothing really to respond to). I feel like just calling it quits for the night, but my friend tells me I should text her "I can't quit thinking about your smile " right now. We just started talking this Sunday, and we've only met once. Isn't that too soon to send a compliment text like that? Would it have a greater change to do more harm than good?

Another thing to note is that she has started about 8 conversations with me, and I haven't even started one even though we've sent well over 300 total texts...
Well she didn't respond :( I hate myself for sending it. I had a really good chance with her, and if this single chanced creeped her out and ruined my chance to be with such an amazing girl, I'll be in such a sh*tty mood. Why wouldn't she respond? Are there ANY positive ways to look at that?

It was too upfront. Every one of you said it was a good idea, but it appears to have backfired pretty hard :(
Chanced was supposed to be "text"


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  • You're over-analyzing this. It's OK, because we all do. Sometimes if you just say something that's randomly flirty or talks about how you can't stop thinking about her "whatever" it may send the wrong message (pardon the pun) and can be a turn off.

    You said she sorta agreed to a date. What's up with that?

    Do you think that she may feel the same towards you?

    I'd say pace yourself and don't put too much out on the table if you're unsure. If you put a whole feast on the table and she's only looking for an appetizer, that can make things awkward.


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  • no! a compliment is nice anytime it doesn't matter! and sheesh start a conversation with a girl she obviously likes talking to you at least show you like talking to her back if you do..

    • I sent it, but I kinda have a bad feeling about it...

  • girls need compliments..A LOT...

    she has sent you like 8 conversations man...

    i don't think "it is too soon" for her if she has done that lol

  • Compliments are always nice :) and you need to text her more- start tomorrow

    • That wasn't a creepy text- I've gotten creepy texts- it was just a sweet text. But if she wasn't that into you maybe she saw you dig her and she doesn't want to hurt you

  • I think she's playing hard to get, she finally got you to text her first, now she's the one not texting.

    • Or she got a tad creeped out by a random compliment like that and I screwed up my chance of seeing her on Sunday or anytime for that matter.

  • That's not the answer you were looking for but WHY DON'T YOU START CONVERSATIONS WITH HER? Come on, 8 vs 0? She probably thinks she's annoying you right now.

    Oh and yeah, send the text.

    • Well, I sent it and look where it got me. Fml.

  • I think she'll be flattered...that's cute to send to a girl you like ;) something else you can tell her is...Can't stop thinking of our date on Sunday. The only way it would come off as creepy or too much too soon is if she doesn't like you, but that doesn't seem the case here she seems interested so you have nothing to lose.

    Good luck hun

    • Well there was something to lose, and I lost it. Her attention. For how much of a texter she is, getting a no response is pretty much the worst thing that could happen :/

    • Aweeee I'm sorry I hope she comes around :/

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  • dude just send her the text already. if she likes you too she won't mind and will even be flattered that you are thinking about her.

    • Well, I sent it. Just really hope it doesn't backfire :(

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    • What if she was on the fence? It probably would scare her away.

    • okay sending the text was a good idea because you made your intentions clear. if that scared her off then I'm sorry to say but she was never interested in the first place. I still think she's gonna text you back, you probably just caught her by surprise. it wasn't creepy or anything like that to send the message. just wait for her response.

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