Can I get him to break up with his girlfriend?

A little over 2 months ago, an old coworker gave my number to this guy that she thought would be someone I could date. She didn’t really know him, so everything was based off his looks.

He texts me. We start talking. Things were cool; he was funny, we laughed, made jokes, etc. etc.

As we got to know each other more, things just became increasingly comfortable between us. We would flirt, send each other pictures, and just continue to talk about everyday things. He never brought up the fact that he had a girlfriend until I asked him why he was single.

He tells me his girlfriend lives in another state; they’ve known each other for 2 years, but have only been together 6-8 months. He says that as a man, he has needs.

Long story short, he has cheated on his girlfriend with me. We are very attracted to each other physically, and even though sex is a major part of our “relationship” it does not seem to be the only thing. We talk about our family, friends, past relationships etc. We laugh with each other, tease each other, it just seems like a real companionship type thing.

I want a chance with him.

He’s going to be with his girlfriend for the next week or so, so I won't get to see or talk to him. I'm angry and have no right to be.

But I enjoy the time spent with him and want him to break up with his girlfriend.

Is it likely that I can get him to do this?


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  • Here is how I see this one... First off put yourself in his girlfriends position, would you like it if someone cheated on you? flirted when you werent around? Would you like it if some girl wanted to break you two up? The answer obviously is all NO. If you wanted to be with someone the physical part can't over rule the parts that actually count in the long run. I agree that for a relationship to work you have to be attracted to each other, but look at it this way if you would end up marrying this guy- fast forward 20-30 years down the road- looks change but the heart doesn't if there is true love present. So you need to do a complete 180 and figure out what is truly important in a relationship and go from there. This guy is bad news, what if you were the one being cheated on? You deserve so much better but only when you ready to date for the right reasons. I understand that you do more with this guy but again the physical part seems to be the only thing that is present here. I understand you talk but I am sorry to say but you are being used by this guy- proof being in the statement- yeah I have a girlfriend but then he goes on basically stating to you but we haven't been together long, like he is trying to convince you basically that it is nothing so he is hoping you continue to let him use you and plays it off as she isn't that important to him. Ask yourself why would you want a guy like that. A guy that cheats, can't be trusted, uses people to get his "needs fulfilled", and basically shows a lack of respect to his girlfriend by playing off that she isn't important to her. This guy is bad news sorry to say. There are a lot of great guys out there who you can trust, that will respect you, love you for who you are and know you would mean the world to him. Even if you would somehow date him if he would break up with his girlfriend, deep down you already know what kind of person he is and you will never be able to completely trust him because you already know he can't be trusted. I don't think you are necessarily angry but more jealous because you thought that he wanted to be with you more but again you are being used. I do feel bad for you, but everything happens for a reason. Learn from this, figure out what you truly want in a relationship and when you are ready to date then let things happen naturally. I do hope only the best for you! Keep your head up you will find the right guy when you are ready and the time is right.


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    • It's a shame your brain is so small that you can't even read a few paragraphs. You don't have to be rude and post such an immature and ignorant comment.

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    • 1. Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

      2. Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular: "ignorant of astronomy".


      "Stupid refers to lack of ability while ignorant refers to lack of knowledge."

      Who's ignorant again?

    • I'm just messing around, honestly. Sorry if you took offense. You don't seem stupid or ignorant.

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  • Nope. He has to do it himself. You have allowed yourself to become his side dish. He is already prioritizing his girlfriend over you, so in all, you don't mean anything to him except sex and emotional support. You are basically her fill in. If she were to move back or something he'd prob drop you at the drop of a hat. Save yourself some heartache and salvage what's left of your dignity and leave this relationship.


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