The virtual relationship is starting to feel like a real one. what should I do?

i met someone online and we became good friends. we started to create a kind of virtual relationship. the virtual relationship is starting to feel like a real one. what should I do? what would you do in this situation?


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  • I have been there 3 times before. And all three failed :)

    The first one turned really serious , we went on a couple of dates and the guy was really ended for around a year. For some reason it ended though , we were not on the same page in many domains , although on the internet everything appeared to be perfect.

    The second one .. was a guy who was in for the sex I guess.. we kept chatting for almost a year was pretty special, romantic and all that .. but for some reason I didn't wanna meet with him , I wasn't sure about him .. in the end, after a whole year he disappeared.. and hurt me like hell !

    The the third one came along .. he was my best friend's best friend ..My bff was in the same school with me, but the dude , I never saw him .. we fell in love and went on a several dates.. it turned into a real thing and was pretty serious .. but again ended after a year and a half ..

    Then the second dude came along again .. trying to fix the mess he had made .. but well, it didn't work out .. I knew he came to me because he finally realized he lost something special, but well .. his loss.. I don't give second chances.

    I don't know any virtual relationships that turned well in the end .. and trust me I know a good number. You better watch out, and well ..go for it as long as it makes you happy .. just be very aware, and always keep an eye open : good luck :)


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