Back to friends, more, or cut ties?

Okey, I'm going to try to keep this short.

I met this girl a few months back and we instantly got along really well and we have a lot in common. It's almost insane how much we're alike. I started to like her and I was certain she liked me.

At one point I found out she liked this other guy since before we even met. I had asked her out for a real date but it never happened.

Now, over a month ago she basically pushed me away for a second time. I basically told her goodbye this time with a: It was nice to know you, until someday.

I almost got over her and guess who came back. I used to be the one initiating things and now she starts to talk to me out of the blue and inviting me to things.

I'm a bit like WTF is going on. I still like her and I'm thinking of giving it another try but I don't know if I should try to remain friends or if she wants more now?


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  • I completely agree with darknoisette. Sometimes when you're preoccupied with someone else you don't really give anyone else a chance, even if that someone else is a great guy and the one you're focused on is a loser. She could have realized this and saw it was going nowhere with this other guy and wants to give you a shot. Or she could just miss your friendship (though I doubt that). Keep your cool and hang out with her if you want, but like darknoisette said, don't jump whole-heartedly into it. Be cautious and see where things go.

    • Well, don't know if it means anything but all of ? sudden her texts are ending with Xx which she never did before

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  • Maybe she was confused before, not knowing who to choose between you and that other guy. That being said, don't just jump into things. Wait to see if she's really interested in you, or just jumping form one ship to another. Keep your distance for a while.

    • I guess I'll just accept her invite to a show and bring a friend along so I have an escape route if she is still playing.

    • I think that would be great...and if you bring a friend they can offer an outside view on how she acts...

  • You can go for the bouncy roller coaster ride. I guess you just have to get used to it. Some people don't know what they want and are figuring that out...

    Or you can find another girl. I would say keep your options open to other chicks, maybe you will find one that knows 100% that she wants you and that would be better then the roller coaster deal.


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  • Do yourself a favor.

    Walk away. Telling her off with a sharp, icy comment is optional, but definitely walk away and don't torture yourself with this situation.


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