Do girls get scared by compliments?

I have known this girl for 4 years. liked her for 4 years, and I messaged her 2 weeks ago. and she asked me to hang out. We did and this week we're hanging out again. Before both of these hangouts she says she's excited for tomorrow, the days before. After she said that, I complimented her by saying how much I love her optimistic and jolly personality. She didn't reply after that (and today's the hangout). Do you think she got creeped out or there's no need to reply since today's the hangout... or there just isn't a good reply to my compliment?

I ddin't say I love her. I said I love her personality...

^or is that the same with girls.


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  • Not secure woman, we love sincere compliments


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  • Well it's a bit odd honestly saying something like that. Optimism for hanging out sounds I don't know off putting if anything.

    Girls are also very skiddish with these kind of things, particularly if they do not find you attractive or see you as a friend/brother.

    Misewell text her and think of something to say to her like; "btw (something regarding you guys hanging out)". I re-read and noticed you just got back in contact two weeks ago? That may be a bit of a factor, but you should always tell a girl pretty soon if you like her or not so you aren't just 'wasting your time' and missing out on other opportunities with girls who may actually like you.


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