Should I text him first? It's been 2 days now..

I'm so frustrated. Me and my guy friend used to text almost everyday until I invited him over my house and he never texted me back with whether or not he could come. He was the one who brought up the idea in the first place and he just blew me off. He suggested the idea with a few "lols" in the text but I didn't think he was actually kidding! Why would a guy joke about coming over, twice!? He didn't even seem weird about it until he just never answered. Anyway, it's been over 2 full days since that and I want to text him tomorrow saying "Did you die.." as a joke about our distance. Thoughts? It just feels awkward now. Like he knows that I have feelings for him..I feel tricked and led on.


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  • It feels awkward because neither of you are saying anything. Text him to break the ice, but just act chill and like you always have.