Texting and guys: what does it really mean?

This guys I was seeing fell for me pretty hard and fast. Then he kind of freaked out. So I told him that if he didn't know what he really wanted then I wasn't going to wait around and he needed to get his s*** together because if he didn't he would lose anyone he ends up loving (he told me he loved me after about two months of seeing each other and that's when he pulled away-and it wasn't to get me to have sex. The night he said that we didn't, but he had once prior to it). I left him alone and started to move on. Two months later he contacted me. We have seen each other once since then, we were texting, but they were short conversations-I left them kind of open and casual. Then a few weeks ago I told him I still liked him and missed him (I was a little drunk but it had to be said because after he told me he loved me I told him I really liked him too and we could be serious and see where it goes...I didn't say I love you back because I wasn't in love...but I never went and said how I feel to him except when he said he loved me because it was still new and I didn't want to scare him by being the first one to say I really liked him. I didn't want to mess up what we had going-I would however say things like "you know I kinda like you..." flirty). He never responded to the text about how I felt and that I missed him, but when I asked him a week later if he was going to a party a bunch of our friends were going to for our friends job he texted me back right away about how he was at his lake house. We exchanged a few texts and I asked when he was coming home and he responded but I didn't respond back. Then yesterday I was going to play tennis and we always talked about going but never got to it, so I asked if he wanted to. I also said to him that I was sorry for being so forward the other week. That I had a few drinks but it was something I needed to tell him. I told him I don't regret saying it, but I understood that he probably just wants to be friends so as friends did he want to go play tennis. He responded by saying "in Colorado girl". I asked about him visiting his sister and what not. It was short and I ended it with saying call me when you get home and maybe we can go do something fun like seeing who can school who on the tennis court. No response. My question is, if he is or was so scared why text/talk to me sometimes now? And why is he still texting me if he couldn't even respond to the text I sent saying how I felt (I was at a concert and I should have called rather than text I know, but it was eating at me the whole time there)? Why after I said how I felt would he still talk to me because I feel like a no response to me saying how I felt means he doesn't feel the same way...?


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  • unreadable wall > me


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  • Well the only way you are going to get your answer is by meeting some place with him and telling him this time how you really feel and that you want him to be truthful with you because no offence but he sounds like he himself dosen't know what he wants. And becareful because you don't want to get hart-broken guys can text us only when they feel alone or when they want something my friend had a similar problem let him know you are not a girl to mess around hope I was useful good luck


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