What do you think of guys with lisps?

So there's this guy a grade above me who's really smart and funny. We hung out few times, and I think he may like me. I'm currently in a relationship with this guy who's 9 months younger than me, and has been a tad too immature for me and I was thinking about leaving him for this other older guy. But everyone hates him because of his speech problems. He can't pronounce certain things because of his lisps, and since he was very young he'd been made fun of for it. I can look past this lisp, because he's a really great guy. But what about you? (this is mainly directed towards other girls)

1)Do you think it's worth being laughed at or judged for being with a guy with a little speech problem?

2) What do you think I should do? Stay with my immature guy and hope he matures, or risk things with this older guy?


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  • 1) Lol, if you're truly in love with someone you wouldn't be asking if it was socially acceptable.

    2) If you're not happy with someone why stay in the relationship? Trying to change people won't work and he will probably be immature for a while.

    Keep in mind you're in high school and in a couple of years you will never see most of the people in your school again.


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