I'm a little out of my league, any advice would be great. (Hopefully description isn't too long)

Im a freshman in college and come from high school that gave you only 10 girls to choose from. got in college girls everywhere so its new experience. Me and this girl met first day of math class in elivator. After class I asked for her number and she gave it to me and (idk how this happened) I walked her to the book store wich was 30minute walk. then walked her to her car which was on the other side of campus one 1/2 hour walk) and we talked to whole time. I don't know what to make of this. we only have known each other for 3 days and every time we meet we smile at each other. I've never had a relationship so I don't want to jump in too early or get stuck in FZ like usual. oh and she's a jr By the way. to me she's really cute and awesome but I need help. any advice please?


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  • Have you used her number? If a girl gives you her number in a situation like that, she probably has some sort of interest. You should text her and ask her if she wants to hang out.

    • I texted her after she gave me the number so she'd have mine. I would but I'm intimidated by her, I think I'm a great guy but I don't know if she thinks the same about me, you know?

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    • alright thanks, I'll try that out in a couople day, but what about texting her like she's not here on weekends so can a casual text be alright?

    • yes text her casually

  • just be friends at first then slowly work into it start out by just hanging out

    • um define slowly please lol

    • Being her friend at first will just him friend zoned.. You are a cruel person for suggesting that.

    • eh it depends on how long I'm her friend before I make a move so don't get mad at panda. what do you suggest then brah lol

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